Swim Lessons

Four levels are offered during each session. There are three different time periods to choose from. Instructor/swimmer ratio is 1/6 when possible. Classes are held Mon-Thurs with weather make-up days on Friday.



Session 1 June 20-July 1 (no toddler during 9:30-10:15 time slot)

Session 2 July 5-July 15 (Will start on Tuesday and have class on the 8th)

Session 3 July 18-July 29

Session 4 August 1-August 12

$65 per session, $60 per additional swimmer

Saturday classes for Beginner and Intermediate levels from 10-11am $8 per class

Saturday classes will be on 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 7/30

Swim Lesson Class Descriptions


Become oriented to aquatic environment

Fully submerge face (3 seconds)

Experience buoyancy (bob 10 times)

Supported float on front/back

Basic breath control (bubble blowing) 

Enter and exit water independently

Move through water comfortably

Supported kicking on front/back

Introduction to alternating arm action


Entry and exit pool safely

Submerge underwater- hold breath

Picking up objects off bottom of pool


Unsupported Front and back floats

Front and back glide

Flutter kick front and back

Back crawl arm action

Turning over front/back and back/front

Introduction to deep water

Combined stroke front/back using arms/legs movements at least 5 yds


Jump in deep water and diving

Pick up objects off bottom of pool-at least shoulder deep

Bob to safety from deeper water

Front/back glides at least 2 body lengths

Coordinate arm stroke for front crawl with breathing to the side

Coordinate back crawl and elementary back stroke

Intro to Butterfly and Breastroke



Refining of Freestlye, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly


Flip turns

Breaststroke turns

Swim Team

This year swim team will be run under the guidance of the Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club.  Please visit their website http://www.ypsi-otters.org/Home.jsp?team=miyaosc  to find out more information and to register.  Ypsilanti Otters Swim Club is a learn to swim and competitive swim club that has been around since 1969.  Many of our staff have either swam with the Otters or coach with them.

Adult Swim Lessons

Adult swim lessons are available for all levels. Lessons are offered Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:15 to 6pm.  Classes Start June 27th through August 3.  Sign up at the Concession Counter. $12 per class

Register for all classes at the Concession Stand at Rutherford.

734-482-4401 forpool.org